What data can I see on the Targeted Practice Activity Report?

Front Row's targeted practice assignments can be used by teachers to focus on a specific math standard for review or assessment. This is a great way to check for understanding after a lesson, to use as a formative assessment during a unit, or to ensure that certain students are practicing certain skills.
Checking progress on the Targeted Practice Activity Report:
Teachers can check progress towards completion on a targeted practice assignment by clicking on the arrow icon next to the assignment.


Teachers will see a list of students who have not yet completed the assignment, as well as a list of students who have already completed the assignment. This makes it easy to track the completion of the assignment!

Once an assignment is completely finished, meaning all students have completed it, it will be moved from the list of assignments and will be filed under the Recently Completed Assignments tab. To see a list of these assignments, click the "Show>" button. You will see each completed assignment as well as a link to the sessions tab to see how students performed.


Checking performance on the Targeted Practice Activity Report:

When you view the completion progress for each assignment, you can click the green "See Results" button for a direct link to the assignment data. Alternatively, you can log in to your Teacher Dashboard, click on "Targeted Practice" on the Math Reports Overview page:


Here, you will find information about the targeted practice sessions students have completed during the current week. You can see the date the assignment was given, the standard on which it focused, and the progress towards completion.

You will notice that the dropdown menu at the top right allows you to choose to look at targeted practice assignments only from that day or from the day before as well. With School Edition, teachers have more flexibility in the data they are able to look at. They can go back to the prior week, see data for the whole month or the month before.

You will also notice thee additional dropdown menus. One allows you to search targeted practice sessions for any given class, the other allows you to search by any given student and the last allows you to search for any given assignment.


Click the blue "View Report" button to see more information about the student's performance on an assignment.

Here, you can see more detailed information about the individual student's performance on the targeted practice assignment, You are able to see the exact questions answered by each student and their accuracy on the question.

Assigning targeted practice assignments is a great way to track student mastery on a particular standard. These assignments can be used as formative assessments or quizzes to help inform what standards to reteach and to whom. They can help decide how to form small groups for remediation as well.


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