What data can I see on the Benchmark Assessments Report?

Front Row's Benchmark Assessments can cover all grade level standards or be customized to focus on a particular domain, or even a particular standard. They can be used as progress monitors throughout the year, end-of-unit exams, or more frequent formative assessments at various points throughout a unit. 

These assessments allow teachers to track student performance and progress throughout the year that can then help inform their teaching. Teachers have access to detailed information about student performance and progress right on their Teacher Dashboard.


Checking class progress on a benchmark assessment:


1) To check completion progress on the benchmark assessment you just assigned to your students, click on the arrow icon next to the assessment.

You will see a list of students who have not yet completed the assessment, as well as a list of students who have already completed the assessment. This makes it easy to track the completion!

Once an assignment is completely finished, meaning all students have completed it, it will be moved from the list of assignments and will be filed under the Recently Completed Assignments tab. To see a list of these assignments, click the "Show>" button. You will see each completed assignment as well as a link to the sessions tab to see how students performed.


2) Click on the green "Show Results" button or visit the Assessments page (on the left navigation bar) to see student performance on the benchmark assessment.

When you view the completion progress for each assignment, you can click the green "Show Results" button for a direct link to the assessment data. You can also get to this same page by clicking on the "Assessments" report on the left navigation bar of the Teacher Dashboard.


Checking class performance on a benchmark assessment:


On the "Assessments" report (found on the left navigation bar) you will find a list of the benchmark assessments you have assigned. They are organized by data, and you can see which domains and standards you assigned, as well as completion progress. 


Clicking the "View Report" next to a benchmark assessment will take you to the same test summary page you saw when you clicked "See Results." On this page, you can see a wealth of important assessment data.


Report 1 - Class percentage correct

Teachers can see the overall class performance as soon as they look at the assessment report. This will give you a quick snapshot of how your students did on the assessment.

“Overall Success” takes into account all students who have answered questions on the assessment (even if they haven't finished it). It is based on the number of questions answered correctly by all students (divided by the total number of questions answered by students). It does not take into account students who have not started on the assessment or unanswered questions. If teachers choose, they can keep the Benchmark Assessment report open on their personal computer as students work on the assessment. They will see "Overall Success" change as students work through questions.



Report 2 - Detailed question analysis at the student level (specific questions listed)

In the Test Summary, you can see overall progress and accuracy by student. Teachers can even have this summary up as students are working through an assessment to ensure that students are moving at an appropriate pace and monitor when they finish.

Click on "View Student Report" next to each student's name to see a detailed breakdown, question by question, of how he or she answered the question. You can see the question asked, the correct answer, as well as the student answer. To see exactly how the question was formatted, click on the "See question" link in the Question column.


Report 3 - Detailed question analysis at the class level (specific questions listed)

This report will show you how your class did, as a whole,  on each question. You can quickly see which questions you might want to go over. Again, by clicking on "See question," you can see exactly how the the question was formatted in the program.


Report 4 - Overall accuracy by standard at the class and student level

The final report allows teachers to see the number of questions that covered each standard on the assessment and how students did on that standard. This helps you quickly identify which standards to reteach. Want to see sample questions that align with that standard? You can click on the standard itself for a link to sample Front Row questions and other teaching resources.


By combining rigorous Common Core based assessments with detailed data reporting, teachers and schools will be able to target instruction more effectively than ever before.

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