What does School Edition include?

Both the free version and School Edition include unlimited math adaptive practice and fact practice for students. School Edition provides access to more content and valuable data/analytic tools for both teachers and administrators. With School Edition, you get:

An upgraded math teacher dashboard with access to advanced features

This dashboard has information that is not included in the free version of the program, including the ability to pick data from any past date, sort students into multiple classes, view growth over time and monitor time spent and student performance on any given student session.

Unlimited Benchmark Assessments

These assessments allow teachers and schools to monitor learning over the course of a given time period by assigning benchmark assessments on a given domain or grade level several different times throughout the year. When students complete an assessment, extremely detailed reports are sent to the teacher's dashboard, letting that teacher know exactly how he or she should proceed. While the free version allows teachers to assign ten students an assessment once, School Edition provides unlimited benchmark assignments.

Unlimited ELA Articles for comprehension and writing practice

Front Row's English Language Arts articles help students improve their reading comprehension and writing skills, regardless of their proficiency level. The articles cover a wide variety of high-interest topics and can be easily assigned by the teacher to the whole class or specific students. With School Edition, you get unlimited article assignments as opposed to the free version limit of five per month.

ELA Anchor Skills Report

School Edition unlocks access to in-depth ELA analysis. This dashboard includes valuable data regarding student progress on specific strands within Common Core standards, as well as an overview of grade level performance. 

Administrative Dashboard

With the combination of an administrator dashboard to monitor student growth and periodic data reports tailored to school needs, administrators can get more accurate data than ever before-allowing them to make the most impactful decision regarding student learning. This dashboard is not available with the free version of Front Row.

Inquiry Based Lessons

Inquiry based lessons are cross-curricular activities that build conceptual understanding of mathematical topics while students explore real-world scenarios. They promote collaboration, critical thinking and productive struggle among students while minimizing teacher planning time. Users of the free version have access to four Inquiry Based Lessons per grade level.  Whole-school purchases unlock access to all of the Inquiry Based Lessons.

Ability to share students among teachers

Teachers are able to share student data among colleagues that would not be possible otherwise.


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