Why are some Inquiry Based Lessons free and others paid?

Front Row's Independent Practice program is and will remain completely free for teachers. We believe in giving teachers the best tools to teach math, and we believe all teachers should have the ability to give their students the best education possible. However, Front Row is not a non-profit. We make money by selling several different products, including our inquiry based lessons.

Two lessons at each grade level are available for free for teachers to trial. We want teachers to have an opportunity to try these lessons with their students and decide if they fit into their class.

You can tell if a lesson is free (green) or paid (red) by looking at the label in the top right corner of each lesson.

Like what you saw among your students? Feel like the learning experience was beneficial for your class? Want to browse through a whole library of inquiry based lessons?

Front Row School Edition

Along with other advanced features, Front Row School Edition includes a full library of inquiry based lessons.  If you love Front Row and want us to succeed, please tell your principals about Front Row, and have them visit http://www.frontrowed.com/school-edition to learn more about the School Edition features!

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