What math reporting and data is available on Front Row?

Front Row provides teachers with a number of resources to monitor student progress and performance and help teachers decide what to do with that data. Teachers do not have to "run" any reports. All the Front Row data reports are right there for you on your Teacher Dashboard and updated in real time, as students complete work on Front Row. That is the beauty of the program!

To access the reports, log in to your Teacher Dashboard and select "Reports" listed under "Math" on the left navigation bar.
Here you will see a list of all the reports offered by Front Row. They are up-to-date with your students' most recent practice data.
Clicking on Adaptive Practice Activity will show you real-time information about students' adaptive practice sessions. You can use the drop down menu at the top to view the current week's data or see just the data from today or yesterday. You'll be able to see how many coins they've earned, the number of questions they've answered, their overall accuracy, and total time spent practicing. You'll also be able to see a breakdown of this data by session.
The Report Cards are great for looking at current student levels. They show the overall grade level at which each student is working (top left corner of the report card), as well as breaks this information down by domain in a number of different graphs. Lower down on the report card, teachers can also see the standards at which a student is excelling the most as well as those where a student is struggling the most. These report cards are easy to print out or screenshot. They are a great way to track student progress throughout the year. They are even great to share with parents at meetings and conferences.
The Groups & Matrix Report is a dual report that helps teachers get an idea of how students within a class compare to one another and determine how to best group students for instruction. The Groups report will help you figure out how to group your students based on need by math standard. On the Matrix report, you'll see how students in a class are doing relative to one another. Tracking this report throughout the year can help teachers get a sense of how their students are progressing through the Front Row levels. The grouping feature in this report also allows teachers to create small groups for targeted practice within specific domains as well as create mixed-level groups for activities and projects.
The Analysis Report shows how students are doing on a per-standard basis and includes standards-based report cards for each student. Teachers can select any standard and see mastery by student. This report can help teachers see where multiple students are struggling and plan accordingly for what to re-teach.
The Growth Report is certainly the best tool to track student growth over time. You can track student progress throughout the year on both adaptive practice as well as the Front Row benchmark assessments.
Clicking on Targeted Practice will show you real-time information about students' targeted practice sessions. You can use the drop down menu at the top to view the current week's data or see just the data from today or yesterday. You'll be able to see the assignment and what standard it covered, as well as how many students have completed it. You'll also be able to see a more detailed report of student performance by clicking "View Report."
The Fact Practice reports enable teachers to track student progress on each of the four operations. Teachers can either view a Student Activity report or a Fact Mastery Report. 
The Assessments reports will show you all benchmark assessments you've ever assigned as well as student growth over time in assessments. You can see the date you assigned the assessment, the grade level, the domains and standards covered, and overall completion. Clicking on "View Report" will give you an in-depth look at the assessment and how students did.
School Edition Reporting Features
In terms of reporting, there are a few features and functions that are only available with a School Edition purchase. One of these is the Growth Report. With School Edition, teachers have unlimited benchmark assessments which helps better track growth with this report.
Another function that is only available with School Edition is the ability to go back in time and look at past data (as opposed to only data from the past week). With School Edition, you can go back to any week in time on the Report Card and the Sessions Report by using the drop down menus. You can also only see the amount of time students have spent on Front Row sessions, assignments, and benchmarks on the Sessions report.
These reports allow teachers to track student progress and use this information to inform their instruction. If you are new to Front Row data reports, we recommend clicking through the data reports at the end of the week, after students have spent some time practicing. The Front Row reports are easy to use and provide teachers with a wealth of data.
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