What data can I see on the Growth report?

The Growth report provides teachers with the ability to monitor each student's overall growth and each student's growth trajectory in the different Common Core domains. Users of the free version of Front Row will be able to see the growth of 3 students selected at random.

Teachers who work at schools that have upgraded to the Front Row School Edition will be able to access growth information on all students in their class. This feature is extremely valuable, and shows exactly how the year has progressed so far and what can be done moving forward. School Edition also gives teachers access to unlimited benchmark assessments, which means that even more growth data is available to inform instruction.


Growth Summary

The top of the report will show a growth summary. This summary will include the student's enrolled grade, his or her beginning grade level equivalent (as determined by diagnostic test scores), current grade level equivalent (as determined by the standards he or she has mastered) and the student's overall growth (current level - beginning level).

Each student has his or her growth levels listed, and all categories are sortable. By sorting the current grade level category, you will be able to quickly identify which of your students is performing at the highest/lowest level. Sorting students by growth numbers will give you insight as to which students respond best to your method of instruction, allowing you to adjust and improve accordingly.


The growth report can be found in the reports tab under the math section of the teacher toolbar.

 Growth Per Student

Beneath the growth summary, each student will have a detailed growth by domain/growth on benchmark assessment view. Click "See Growth" to see the detailed report.

Monthly Growth on Adaptive Exercises graph will show how the student has improved in each domain over time. The Growth on Benchmark Assessments table will inform the teacher about all of the student's performance levels on previous assessments.

Using the legend on the "Monthly Growth on Adaptive Exercises" graph, teachers will be able to see in which of the domains students are progressing well, and which domains are causing difficulty. This allows the teacher to design his or her instruction to match the needs of the student. In the case below, the student hasn't grown at all in CCOA since November. This valuable information ensures that Kenneth will receive the support he needs to continue growing in this domain.

School Edition users also benefit from unlimited benchmark assessments. Kenneth has taken several benchmark assessments on all 3rd grade domains throughout the school year. You can see that in September, at the beginning of the year, he was performing at 50% accuracy on the all domains assessment. Over the course of the year, his performance improved. In April, he scored 79%, showing growth from the beginning of the year.



While the Growth report can be helpful in the free edition of Front Row, its value increases exponentially with an upgrade to the Front Row School Edition. For more information on School Edition or to request a quote, you or your administrator can visit www.frontrowed.com/school-edition.

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