What data can I see on the Adaptive Practice Student Activity Report?

The Adaptive Practice Student Activity Report provides teachers with detailed, real-time information on every student session. With data on the percentage of questions answered correctly, the total number of questions, the standard(s) of focus (using the dropdown arrow), and the total time spent (paid School Edition only), teachers have access to all the data they need to make the most impactful teaching decisions.

Any time a student completes an adaptive practice session, whether it be on his or her own or assigned by the teacher, the information goes to this report.


How to read the Adaptive Practice Student Activity Report:

A summary of all work during a set time period is available on the Adaptive Practice Student Activity Report. This report shows data for the current week, but can also show data just for the current day or day before by using the drop down menu at the top. Teachers with School Edition also have the power to view data from past weeks or specific dates in the past.

You can see the total number of questions answered by each student (in both adaptive and assigned practice) and their percentage of accuracy. You can also see the total number of coins each student has earned, the questions answered by each student for the week, and their percentage of accuracy. School Edition teachers have the additional benefit of viewing how much time their students spent on the program throughout the week.



Clicking the arrow to the right of a student's will show the sessions he or she completed that week. You'll be able to see the date of the session and the time it ended, the standard it covered, the number of questions answered, and the overall accuracy on the session. School Edition teachers can also see how much time their students spent on each session.


For more information about how to assign adaptive practice sessions to students, click here.

While viewing the sessions that students completed, teachers may wonder what types of questions students answered. While the exact questions each student answered are not available for these shorter sessions (as opposed to benchmark assessments), teachers can get an idea of the types of questions asked for a particular standard. Click on the standard listed for the session to see sample questions, instructional videos, and a standard description.



The Adaptive Practice Activity Report helps teachers easily track daily progress, check performance on assignments, and implement necessary changes quickly and effectively.


What is available as part of the free version of Front Row?

The free version of Front Row provides teachers with detailed session history of all students in their class for the calendar week. Teachers can use the drop down menu to see data from the current week or just the data from that day or the previous day. However, the free version of Front Row does not allow teachers to see data from previous weeks. 


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