What data can I see on Report Cards?

Report Cards give teachers and parents an overview of how each student in the class is performing. By combining measures of recent performance and progress with measures of overall performance and progress, all key stakeholders will have direct insight into how to best meet the needs of each student.

Here’s what a report card looks like:




The top of the report card provides teachers with some valuable information regarding overall performance, performance in the past week, and suggestions for moving forward.

In the top left of the progress report, you will see a student’s overall grade level. This grade level is calculated by averaging student performance across all grade-appropriate domains where a student has:

  1. Practiced at least three times
  2. Moved past the first standard



On the top right of the report card, we will suggest which domain the student should practice on while using the program next. We determine this by looking at student performance across all domains, and determining where a student’s practice will yield the most impactful results. In this case, we suggest that the student work on the Measurement and Data domain.




On the second row of the report card, you can track student usage. There is information regarding the number of questions a student answered last week, their accuracy on those questions and the most practiced domain of the week.



The second part of the report card is composed of various graphs measuring progress and performance. The graph at the top left represents a student’s current grade level equivalent on each of the domains he or she has worked on before. In this case, the student is performing at the highest level in Geometry and struggling with Measurement and Data.



To the right of the grade by domain graph is a listing of which standard a student is currently working on by domain. Helpful with planning or practice, this list is a great way to find out where a student is within each particular domain so that support can be targeted perfectly.




The middle two graphs are used to monitor student usage and performance across domains. The left graph is a pie chart showing what percentage of the total questions answered are from which domain. This graph is very useful when trying to determine whether students should shift their focus to work on other domains. The right graph lets you know how well the student has performed on each domain, which is very helpful when trying to target appropriate support for a student.




The bottom two graphs show you which 5 standards that student performed best on, and which 5 standards that student struggled with the most. This information can be very useful for positive recognition and review planning.




Sharing the report cards with Parents and Administrators

The report cards make sharing data with parents and administrators easier than ever. At the top of the report card page, you will see the options to “Print All" or “Print for Administrator”. 



Sharing Report Cards with Parents

In order to share report cards with parents, click on the green "Print All" button at the top of the screen.

In order to print report cards to send home, you can click the green "Print All" button at the top of the screen. A PDF document will appear with the report cards of all students who have used Front Row during the past week. You can then print these reports and send them home with the correct student.


Why can’t I select a student’s name to send a report card home?

If students have not completed any work on the program during the past week, the report cards won’t be able to show parents any of the graphs or data. For this reason, you won’t be able to send report cards via email (or print) to parents when their students haven’t used Front Row in the past week.


Sharing Report Cards with Administrators

Sometimes you may want to update your administrators on student progress in math. You can choose to print all the report cards with the green "Print for Administrators" button at the top. Most principals, however, won't want to see report cards for each of your students and would prefer a more concise report that shows how your class is doing. With this feature, you can easily share information about student progress with school leaders. Start by clicking on the white “Print for Administrators” button at the top of the Report Card page.



Once you have clicked on “Print for Administrators”, you will be taken to a Principal Report that shows data at the student level. They'll be able to see the number of questions answered, their overall accuracy, and overall grade level, as determined by the program. Print this out for administrators for a snapshot of how your class is doing on Front Row.


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