What features of Front Row are free? What do I get with School Edition?

Front Row's independent math practice program is and will remain completely free for teachers. There are also a number of free inquiry based lessons at various grade levels for teachers to try with their classes. Teachers also have access to 5 free ELA articles per month to assign to their students. We believe in giving teachers the best tools to teach, and we believe all teachers should have the ability to give their students the best education possible.

However, Front Row is not a non-profit. We make money by selling several different products.
Advanced school level data for administrators
With the combination of an administrator dashboard to monitor student growth and periodic data reports tailored to school needs, administrators can get more accurate data than ever before - allowing them to make the most impactful decisions regarding student learning. 
An upgraded teacher dashboard with access to advanced features
This dashboard has information that the free teacher dashboard does not, including the ability to pick data from any past date, sort students into multiple classes, share student data with select colleagues, and monitor time spent and performance on any given student session. 
Benchmark Assessments
These assessments allow teachers and schools to monitor learning over the course of a given time period by assigning students benchmark assessments on a given domain or grade level several different times throughout the year. When students complete an assessment, extremely detailed reports are sent to the teacher's dashboard, letting that teacher know exactly how he or she should proceed.
Inquiry Based Lessons
Inquiry based lessons are cross-curricular activities that build conceptual understanding of mathematical topics while students explore real-world scenarios. In an inquiry based lesson, students participate in learning experiences where they develop the questions to answer and work together to find solutions. Inquiry based lessons promote collaboration, critical thinking, and productive struggle among students.
ELA Articles for comprehension and writing practice
Front Row's English Language Arts articles help students improve their reading comprehension and writing skills, regardless of their proficiency level. The articles cover a wide variety of high-interest topics and can be easily assigned by the teacher to the whole class or specific students. The program will assign each student the appropriate level of the article based on his or her reading level. Students will have an opportunity to answer comprehension questions at their reading level and respond to a writing prompt associated with the article.
Front Row School Edition
Front Row School Edition is a combination of the features described above, along with a full library of inquiry based lessons, unlimited ELA articles to assign, and ongoing professional development. If you love Front Row and want us to succeed, please tell your principals about Front Row, and have them visit http://www.frontrowed.com/school-edition to learn more about the School Edition features!
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